Nobody wants to take home the office tea towels. Why bother? Use Ezy-Laundry's Tea Towel Fairy Service!

Are You A Tea Towel Fairy?

You know, the person whose job it is to take home the office tea towels, wash and dry them and then bring them back to work. It's the job nobody wants to do & as we all know, there's enough work to do in a day let alone doing the office laundry at nights or even worse - on the weekend. Well this hassle can all end now, by contacting Ezy-Laundry.


Because Ezy-Laundry will become your tea towel fairy & supply clean Tea Towels to your office on a weekly basis. The advantages speaks for itself. Just think, clean tea towels when you need them. No more embarassing moments in front of clients. No arguments from staff about whose turn is it to do the office laundry.

We tailor packages for any sized office and it's affordable. Rates start from just $6:60 per week for up to 5 tea towels. That's right you can start getting your clean office tea towels from only $6:60per week & we cover most areas throughout the Lower Hunter Region - Take a look at our Surburbs & Areas We Service page.

Try us - You won't be dissapointed!

Does your office use more than 5 Tea Towels per week? If so click here for a no fuss obligation free quote.

Or call Ezy-Laundry today on 1300 781 330.